Frequently Asked Questions

Connect for Less is here to help you get the very best service at the very best price. We hope to answer some of your internet questions you may have below.

How do I switch?2022-03-16T10:20:46-04:00

Switching is easy, Connect for Less can move your internet service from one provider to another with no upfront costs and in as little as 24 hours. As your dedicated telecom advisor, we always have a solution to save you money.

Is there a Contract?2022-03-16T10:21:36-04:00

Here at Connect for Less we don’t believe in contracts. Sign up today and leave whenever you want, all of our promotional offers are contract free!

How quickly can I get connected?2022-03-16T10:22:28-04:00

In a rush for internet service? Once your order is processed, you can be connected as soon as 24 hours depending on your location.

What about bundles?2022-03-16T10:23:07-04:00

Traditional bundles are now a thing of the past. Here at Connect for Less we offer independent customized bundles because all of our services are sold separately already at the lowest possible price. Don’t need a home phone? No problem, if Internet and TV is all you need then that’s all you’ll pay for.

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